Sunday, September 20, 2020

Photographic Ode to Aiden July 13 to September 12 2020

Photographic tale of Aiden's time with us onboard ExTerra sailing from Portland Oregon, across the Columbia River bar, up the Washington coast, down the Strait of Juan de Fuca clear to Olympia......and back!  

With all his Corey Cousins and Uncle Jacob
Aiden, Emily, Sophia and Sam

Tea and a good book on watch at sundown on the ocean

Resting his eyes while on watch

Precarious perch while checking the radar plug

Goof ball!  "Fort" under the settee

Swinging like a monkey on the halyard

Found those hot dogs at the bottom of the fridge yet?

Aiden organizes the dishes when he washes them

Donning water shoes for the dinghy ride back after exploring Port Townsend

Goof ball again!  On the hike at Fort Townsend

Grilling chops, his time to cook dinner

Cozy time reading a book from Dad's childhood

Enjoying more of "The Eye of the World"

Beach combing

A touch of home, he found a kitty to pet

Fresh Crab in the crab hawk

The Coreys go shopping, hobo packing

Setting up his hammock

and enjoying it!

One of the many benefits of this kind of travel

In the anchor well helping rewire the windlass

Mast Monkey!

He hauled himself all the way up

So Organized!  Dishes are clean again

Comfortable anywhere with his book on phone

Helping re-plumb the propane locker

A moment of reflection

Gamefully at least tried a fresh oyster!

Setting up ET3 the dinghy

Enjoying the statues on Olympia's waterside walk

Part of re-stocking the galley

Organizing snacks

Adept at storing all the food back under his bunk

Fishing at Tacoma

Sorting crabs

Checking the transmission fluid

Enjoying Tillicum Village on Blake Island

On the counter in the head brushing his teeth.  Quite agile.

Another Dogfish!!

Getting canned goods out of the shallow bilge

Please no more dog fish!

White Spotted Greenling?

"studying" math with his eyes closed

Crab pot watch

At the helm coming out of Sequim Bay in the narrows

Setting up Smeagol

Re-stocking the galley.....again and again

Slinging ET3 off of the mother ship

At the helm on the ocean

Retrieving the jack lines

Ice Cream in Port Angeles

Making mac and cheese for dinner

Perched on the counter helping fix the head

Tuckered out and cozy in the cock pit

At the helm on the ocean

Washing down the anchor

Auto-piloting the boat

Taking photos under the I-5 bridge

Ice cream and candy shop in Port Angeles

Pummeled by books in the sea berth on the choppy ocean ride home

Packed up and ready to head home